Apps by Airtable is the gateway to achieving more together

Get a strong start

Preconfigured apps are based on industry best practices, and give teams a powerful way to get started quickly.

Unify your workflows

Connect these apps across use cases so teams can easily share data and work together on one platform. 

Customize to your needs

Teams can modify apps to work best for now and adjust later. Flexible Apps by Airtable will grow with your organization. 

Marketing Apps by Airtable

Optimize high-impact campaigns

Connecting marketing teams ensures efficient, effective campaigns.

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Track and update the status of cross-channel campaigns and goals.

Centralize, prioritize and fulfill marketing and creative requests.

Manage marketing budget across campaigns and deliverables.

View crucial milestones and deliverables, and manage resourcing across the team.

Manage asset reviews and approvals to streamline production.

Organize and share assets from a flexible content library.

Product Apps by Airtable

Accelerate product innovation

Creating a customer-centric product is easier when teams are seamlessly connected.

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Centralize customer feedback on features to drive customer-centric product development.

Connect planned product work to strategic business initiatives and product goals.

Track product development and enable cross-team visibility into feature delivery.

Plan and manage sprints with cross-team partners, such as Engineering, to iterate fast.

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Transform every workflow with the power of AI

Whether you’re writing creative briefs or generating product specs, the power of AI will transform your teams' ability to drive results.


How can Apps by Airtable help my teams succeed?

Apps by Airtable are preconfigured apps which unlock the value of connected data and workflows. They make collaboration easier for teams using specific use cases.

In this initial free release, Apps by Airtable are available for marketing and product teams. Our team will partner with qualified customers to customize the right Apps by Airtable experience for their needs.

You can use Apps by Airtable to accelerate key workflows such as Product Roadmap or Marketing Campaigns, and connect them to other relevant use cases. With guidance from our team and preconfigured Apps by Airtable, you will get started quickly and reach your outcomes faster. This provides a foundation for your teams to work with connected – rather than standalone – apps, so they can more effectively manage cross-team marketing campaigns or deliver customer-centric products.

Apps by Airtable are similar to other apps that you create in Airtable. The primary difference is that they come preconfigured with tables, automations, forms, and other relevant use cases that support end-to-end, cross-functional workflows.

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