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A next-gen app platform designed to scale with you

Use custom business apps to drive results

Enable teams to work smarter and innovate faster by building and connecting powerful apps, without code.

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Transform every workflow with the power of AI

Boost productivity and efficiency across your organization by embedding AI directly into every workflow.

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Drive org-wide alignment through shared data

Create a single source of truth and reduce risk by giving teams across your organization access to accurate, verified data.

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Manage, grow, and scale with confidence

Scale across your organization without slowing teams down, while ensuring you have the security you need in place.

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Powerful solutions for product, marketing, and more

Ensure alignment between teams to drive business outcomes.

Align around a flexible, organization-wide roadmap. Customizable views let any department see their role, and plan accordingly.

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Custom views give stakeholders insight into OKR status, completion rates, risk scores, and more—all in real time.

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Connect product insights by pulling all feedback—across every tool and source—into a single, easy-to-find place.

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Visually track the creation, goals, and status of cross-channel campaigns in real time.

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Organize and share assets across teams with a flexible, adaptable content and asset library.

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Get a unified view of what needs to be delivered, when it’s launching, and who owns tasks at every stage.

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You have questions? We have answers.

Airtable is used for Marketing, Product Operations, and more. But its flexibility means it can be used for nearly anything, from tracking cattle to planning an event to tracking sales leads.

  • Views: Transform your data into actionable views, like List, Timeline, Gantt, and more.

  • Interface Designer: Design custom apps in minutes from your existing data using drag-and-drop elements.

  • Automations: Streamline how your team gets work done and cut out clutter by automating your processes.

  • Sync: Build with confidence when data is verified and up-to-date.

  • Administration and controls: Support large-scale data, workflows, and teams—all in one place.

    ...and much more!

Airtable AI can be added to any workflow and is flexible enough to advance critical steps across workflows in every team or department. Product teams can use AI to categorize customer feedback and generate product specs to speed up feature development. Marketing teams can use AI to generate creative briefs, gather competitive intel, or draft blog posts. HR and finance teams can use AI to generate job descriptions, categorize budget spend, draft company memos, and more. 

Spreadsheets evolved from paper-based account ledgers, while Airtable was built from the start as a relational database. 

So while spreadsheets are fine for tracking information, Airtable makes your data actionable. In Airtable you can sync, structure and store data however you need to, to support infinite use cases.

In addition, data is synced in real time. So if a data point changes, that change is automatically synced across every workflow and every place that data appears, eliminating the need to manually update information. 

You can learn more about databases vs. spreadsheets here.

Although Airtable is built as a relational database, you cannot directly query an Airtable table.

However, you can customize a view in Airtable to allow for SQL queries. In addition, there are ways to query your Airtable base with SQL from right inside Airtable.

Yes, Airtable can be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. There’s even a pre-built CRM template you can use to get started quickly.

Airtable has free, paid, and Enterprise plans available. You can learn more on our pricing page.

Teams at over 450,000 forward-thinking organizations use Airtable every day. Join them.